Aloe Vera Oil

Boasting some of the same benefits as aloe vera gel, aloe oil has a little bit more to it. Aloe oil has to be combined with some type of fatty oil, so it can have additional properties that plain aloe simply can’t. In addition to being used to treat burns, cuts, and general wounds, aloe oil can be used as a relaxing massage and aromatherapy oil as well.

This versatile plant can be combined with healthy oils, like coconut oil, to give you all the benefits of both. People have found multiple uses for this oil, including hair care and dental treatment. Aloe oil has been proven to help treat periodontal disease and even reduces your risk of developing plaque and gingivitis.

In no other oil will you find vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, E, 8 amino acids, and 200 active enzymes all in one product.

aloe oilHow you Should Use Aloe Vera Oil

Because of its unique chemical composition and the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, this oil is primarily used for skin-care. The best use, as stated earlier, is to treat burns and use as massaging oil. If you’re familiar with aloe vera gel, you’ve probably seen it used for the same purpose. However, aloe oil can soak into your skin much deeper than its gel counterpart.

Not only is aloe vera oil soothing on the skin, but it serves as a highly effective moisturizer. You’ve probably seen this ingredient in most anti-aging creams on the market today. That’s because aloe oil leaves the skin glowing and youthful, going further into your skin and revitalizing dry and dead cells that other products can’t reach.

You’ll often see top spas and massage parlors sport some aloe vera oil because it’s simply the best product for naturally healthy skin.

As an added bonus, if you’re someone suffering from painful ulcers, there’s a cheap solution. The British Journal of General Practice conducted research that suggests aloe vera decreases irritation and promotes healing. Aloe oil works to repair cells in people with ulcers. These ulcers can be extremely painful because they’re commonly found in your intestines and stomach.

Aloe vera oil is the perfect product to incorporate seamlessly into your routine as you reap all the health benefits of this versatile plant.