Why You Need to Remove Your Makeup

Aloe vera and aloe-based products alone are not enough to keep wrinkles and acne at bay. You need to stick to common practices and one of the most frequently abused skin-damaging actions is forgetting to remove makeup at night. Now, another thing that some people do is taking off their makeup the wrong way can also be damaging to the skin. It’s important to first understand the difference between the two methods and then develop a routine that helps you clean your face the right way each night.

Remove Your Makeup the Right Way

First, let’s discuss the most common way people remove their makeup that is wrong and damaging to the skin.

This will typically start with clumping and hardened mascara that’s difficult to remove. Many people will try pulling at it, but not only do you risk losing some lashes, but you also put tension on your skin that can leave it dry and irritated. The better practice is to be patient and use traditional makeup removers over time and maybe invest in higher quality products that don’t clump as easily.remove-your-makeup

Now, the right way to remove makeup up has a few more steps but is well worth it if you want to preserve your skin and its health.

Start by taking a cotton ball and soak it in warm water, then swipe the cotton ball from side to side on your eyelids. This may take a bit longer, but your mascara will eventually disappear. Remember not to rub or pull on the skin as you do so. You want to be as gentle as possible with this process. Keep repeating this until all traces of makeup are gone.

With all your makeup gone, then you can use your regular face wash routine to clean your pores. We recommend a non-alcoholic based makeup remover to get all remaining traces off your face, then using a facial scrub/cleanser. This way, you avoid rubbing old makeup into your pores.

It’s very important to clean your face with water before makeup removers or moisturizers. This should keep your skin happy and healthy!