Where to Buy Aloe Seeds and Plants

As with most every plant, you have two options. You can either by a start plant and transfer it to your garden or you can buy seeds to tart growing the plant from scratch.

We recommend buying a starting plant, especially if you want to start harvesting your aloe vera as soon as possible. We will show you where to buy both for the lowest price but we’ll start with a starter plant so you can get cracking right away.

Buying a Starter Aloe Plant

Where to By Aloe Seeds and PlantsStarter plants are younger versions of the plant you want to grow into a monster when you transfer it into your garden at home.

The most common and cheapest place to pick up a starter aloe plant is Home Depot. You can find these guys for around 10 bucks and they are roughly 12 inches tall when you buy them, coming in a 4-inch pot. When you’re planting it in your garden, though, expect for a space of about 3 feet in height.

Home Depot and Lowes both have shipping options but even they recommend taking the time to pick up the plant yourself for obvious reasons.

Buying Aloe Vera Seeds


Where to By Aloe Seeds and PlantsThis is actually more difficult than you think. Not too many places carry aloe seeds all the time and even Home Depot might not have them in stock.

The easiest and cheapest way to get aloe seeds is through Amazon.

Do you want just one aloe plant? How about 20? You can get a back of 20 aloe seeds from amazon for half the price you’d pay for a starter plant. The only trouble is the waiting period. If you’re worried about not having success growing the plant from seeds, never fear.

Aloe plants are tough and resilient; you’ll have no problem growing this plant in a warm and sun-rich environment. We actually have an entire page on helping you grow your aloe plant that you can check out, here.

So it’s pretty easy to get started with your own aloe plant, no matter the path you choose. What are you waiting for? Get out there and start gardening and enjoying your homemade aloe products!