Aloe Vera Gel Uses from

10 Incredibly Simple (and Surprising) Aloe Vera Gel Uses

Although beauty concoctions for age-reversing and tools for holding tightly to signs of youth might seem like a growing trend of the 21st century, the truth is, it’s been a quest for women and men alike for centuries.
Cleopatra (69 BC – 30 BC), the last reigning Pharaoh of Egypt and one of history’s most visually distinct beauty icons, was continually seeking out natural methods for preserving her beauty. Although ancient text describes a number of ways she worked to achieve this, the use of aloe vera for the skin and hair was one of the most common.

According to ancient text, Cleopatra applied aloe vera gel to her body as a daily beauty regimen to avoid the onset of unsightly wrinkles and creases.

Although aloe vera gel is one of the more ancient beauty tools, the benefits associated with the spiky green leaf’s inner liquid substance transcends the course of thousands of years. Packed to the brim with a bounty of essential vitamins and nutrients, aloe vera provides the building blocks for hair moisturizing, skin strengthening and overall improved health.

While most of us were commonly taught to use the substance as a sunburn-soother, there are more than a few ways to incorporate aloe vera’s 20 amino acids and over 100 minerals and nutrients into your beauty and health regimen. Here are 10 of the more surprising uses for aloe vera gel. 

10 Ways of Incorporating Aloe’s Regenerating Qualities Into Your Beauty & Health Regimen 

Aloe Vera Gel Uses: #1

Aloe Vera Gel Uses from

Apply aloe vera gel to the legs and face prior to, and after shaving. Aloe vera is a natural anti-inflammatory substance, nipping annoying razor bumps in the bud.

Aloe Vera Gel Uses #2:

Use aloe vera gel to alleviate razor burn. The plant is packed with a number of cooling properties, making it a smoothing aftershave.

Aloe Vera Gel Uses: #3

Apply aloe vera gel to mild infections to speed up healing. Although you should save major wounds for a physician or serious antibiotic, a few minor scrapes and cuts can be alleviated with aloe gel.

Aloe Vera Gel Uses: #4

Use aloe vera gel to soothe mild cooking or scalding burns.

Aloe Vera Gel Uses: #5

Take the bite out of a mosquito bump or bee sting. Apply aloe vera to a recently-bitten body part. 

Aloe Vera Gel Uses: #6

Apply aloe vera gel to blisters (popped ones, especially) to soothe the sting.

Aloe Vera Gel Uses: #7

Like the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra once did, apply aloe vera gel to face, hands and neck to induce protein-building and skin regenerating.

Aloe Vera Gel Uses: #8

Induce hair growth by applying aloe vera gel directly to scalp. Massage well, and rinse.

Aloe Vera Gel Uses: #9

Ease a mild skin allergic reaction with a dab of aloe vera gel.

Aloe Vera Gel Uses: 10

Swap a small amount of aloe vera gel over eyes and face as a natural alternative to store bought makeup remover. Refrigerate aloe vel and soak in cotton balls to alleviate puffy eyes, as well.