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The Benefits of Aloe Vera for Sensitive Skin

The aloe vera plant is held in great esteem around the world for its detoxifying, healing, and soothing properties. It is ideal for use on nearly all skin types but is especially helpful to those with sensitive skin. And while most tend to associate the gel and juice with sunburn aids, there are also a bounty of benefits associated with aloe vera for sensitive skin. 

There are more than 300 species of aloe vera in existence. Most varieties contain a large stock of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, all extremely useful for bringing healing to damaged skin. Those suffering from skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, will find immediate and lasting relief with aloe vera for sensitive skin. 

The aloe vera plant boasts high moisture retention capabilities. It is able to deliver moisture to extremely dry and thirsty skin. Additionally, aloe vera for sensitive skin helps in retaining moisture, which is useful for combating itching and irritation.

Using Aloe Vera for Sensitive Skin 

As a first aid product, aloe vera can be used on burns, blisters, rashes, bites, and sores. Aloe vera is both anti-fungal as well as anti-bacterial, making it perfect for protecting sensitive skin against infections as it wards off germs that can easily creep into cuts and scrapes. It aids in skin regeneration and healing while helping to reduce pain and discomfort.

When used as a facial cleanser, aloe vera softens dead skin cells, making them easier to exfoliate and rinse away. Removing dead skin cells is essential to achieving smooth, younger looking skin. Aloe vera gives the skin a healthy, youthful glow, revealing fresh skin cells as old cells are sloughed away.

Using aloe vera for sensitive skin can act as a natural astringent that tightens and firms the skin, decreasing wrinkling and sagging. It also fights acne. Aloe vera can be used to even out skin pigmentation and reduce the appearance of freckles and blotchiness.

Rather than using products laden with harmful chemicals, try this natural recipe for a facial mask that is ideal for sensitive skin. Mix 3 tablespoons of fresh cucumber juice with 2 tablespoons of pure aloe vera gel. Add 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt. Apply this cooling and soothing mask to the face and neck area, and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water, and pat dry for refreshed, radiant skin.

Men and women alike can enjoy the bounty of benefits associated with aloe vera for sensitive skin. When used in lotions or creams, it keeps skin soft while preventing further dryness. It moisturizes the scalp in shampoos and conditioners to stave off dandruff and flaking. Aloe vera makes an excellent aftershave, delivering a cooling and soothing effect that reduces the stinging effects of razor burn.  

Although aloe vera for sensitive skin is certainly a viable option to alleviate the pain of rashes and scratches, consider enlisting the counsel of a physician before embarking on a long-term treatment plan.