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Natural Remedies for Asthma: Can Aloe Vera Help Alleviate Asthma?

It seems there are aloe vera benefits for just about every medical annoyance experienced today. People are drinking aloe vera juices to revive their energy levels and others are growing live aloe plants in their home so they can use the fresh gel inside the leaves for skincare purposes. Still others use pure aloe vera gels to soothe burns, cuts, insect bites and any other type of skin irritation or rash that dares afflict a loved one. And to add to the lengthy list of aloe’s medicinal benefits and properties, there is now some research surfacing about natural remedies for asthma, namely through aloe vera. 

Natural Remedies for Asthma: the Aloe Allure 

It does make sense that there would be some benefit associated with aloe vera and natural remedies for asthma, since it seems to be useful for so many other conditions that involve inflammation and allergic reactions. The gel can soothe irritated skin and help rashes heal faster. It can also take the inflammation out of an allergic rash on the skin, so why not put it inside the body to see what it can do for asthma?

Asthma is in the category of allergic reactions, but the reactions happen inside the body rather than on the skin. An asthma attack can cause the airways to close so the sufferer has great difficulty breathing and this often happens in response to certain allergens picked up in the air. Some people can get relief just by keeping their home free of pet dander, using air filters, and covering their mattresses in plastic. Others have to take prescription medications and keep inhalers on hand while others need medicated breathing treatments to control their breathing when an attack is coming on.

While individuals who seek prescriptions and medicines do tend to find relief from acute asthma, there’s still something to be said for natural remedies for asthma. Since aloe vera is a natural soother and healer, there are some aloe vera benefits to be enjoyed. It just happens to be a different type of benefit than many are expecting. While you can rub aloe vera an irritated skin rash to help it heal, you cannot just take aloe vera at the time of an asthma attack and experience immediate relief, unless it is just one ingredient in a product designed to stop asthma attacks.

The value of natural remedies for asthma sufferers comes mainly as a preventative measure. When ingested, aloe vera can soothe inflammation inside the body. Since inflammation is a big part of the problem leading into asthma attacks for many people, the reduction of the inflammation can reduce the risk of asthma attacks in the future.

Research Backing Natural Remedies for Asthma 

Studies have found that taking aloe vera during an asthma attack is not as effective, but taking it on a daily basis over a long period of time can help reduce the frequency of attacks for many people. This is great news for people who suffer repeat attacks even with the use of prescription medication, inhalers and breathing machines.

Natural remedies for asthma and aloe vera aid can be enjoyed even with the use of these other products. In fact, most people who consume aloe vera daily for asthma consider it a compliment to the other medications their doctors prescribe. They take aloe vera daily as a preventative measure, then when an attack does come on they have their inhalers, medications, and breathing machines to help them restore order inside their body.

There are many ways to incorporate natural remedies for asthma into an effective treatment plan, especially concerning the bounty of benefits associated with aloe vera. The easiest way is to take a high quality supplement containing pure aloe vera gel in high concentration or to drink high quality aloe vera juices.