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Great Green Juice Recipe (friendly for juicing beginners)

If you are looking for a great green juice recipe that is friendly for those just starting out with juicing check out this video by Andrea Cox.

First a few quick tips on Green juice juicing:

1. Always add coconut water to your green juice if possible.  

2. Never add more than 7 ingredients to your juice.  Too many ingredients make it difficult for your body to process.

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For more info on Andrea Cox visit her site here.

Ingredients for this delicious Green Juice recipe are:

– Cilantro (great for chelating metals)
– Parsley (helps with water retention)
– Celery
– Baby Carrots
– Cucumber
– Beets
– Zucchini (tastes amazing juiced, promise)

The juicer used in this video is by Green Star.  You don’t need a Green Star juicer to make good juice but that is what we recommend. 

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What Are People Saying About this Green Juice Recipe?

This Green Juice Recipe has changed my life, rid me of heavy metals, and helped me lose 22 pounds

If you have been thinking about getting into juicing we highly recommend trying this Green Juice recipe.  We use it all the time and love how it makes us feel.