The Consumer’s Guide to Aloe Vera Juice

The benefits of aloe vera juice are quickly becoming more and more popular as a form of natural medicine and therapy.  Not only that, but many people are consuming aloe vera juice to improve their overall appearance and well-being. 

Below are some more specific benefits of aloe vera juice. The Various Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice #1: Gastrointestinal Issues

This could be anything from occasional constipation to a more serious case of irritable bowel syndrome. Aloe vera has proven to ease these issues while helping to cleanse the system and soothe any inflammation occurring inside the digestive tract. In fact, the benefits of aloe vera extend to inflammation just about anywhere on the body, just as it is known to soothe and heal all varieties of cuts, burns and irritations on the surface of the skin.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice #2: Weight Loss

The benefits of aloe vera juice also extend to the weight loss and blood sugar realms also. Some research has even shown that it could potentially help slow down the development of diabetes. Since it is a natural substance, it is safe to consume in reasonable doses. Just remember that it is a natural laxative, so too much aloe juice could be too much of a good thing!

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice #3: Juicing for Health 

Most of the aloe juices can be consumed alone, over ice, or mixed with some type of fruit or vegetable juice. Many people choose to mix them into another juice, since pure aloe vera is not the best tasting juice you have ever experienced.

What to Look for When Buying Aloe Vera Juice

Although the benefits of aloe vera juice are certainly plentiful, be sure do do your homework before opting for a particular kind of juice. When deciding which aloe vera juice to purchase, pay attention to the following tips:

1. Make sure you are buying pure aloe vera juice. If it is a juice mixed with other ingredients, make sure those ingredients are clearly listed so you know what is in the juice. You want aloe to be the primary ingredient so you know adequate concentration of the aloe is present.

2. Look for organic juices as they may have fewer chemical or artificial ingredients. You want your aloe to be as natural and wholesome as possible.

3. You don’t need anything else in your juice but aloe vera. There will naturally be some preservatives, but they should be natural preservatives. If you go organic, there should be no chemicals or artificial preservatives and what is in the juice should be noted.

Discovering the Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice for Yourself 

While ordering aloe vera juice and having it delivered to your home is convenient, the easiest and purest way to get aloe juice is to make it yourself. If you have a plant or two at home, you can pull off a few leaves and make your own juice rather quickly. This is better than anything purchased prepackaged, since it contains pure aloe without any preservatives. You make it fresh and drink it fresh.

The simplest way to make aloe vera juice is to open up the leaves and scrape the pulp and juice into a blender or juicing machine. Hold each leaf upside down to release the yellow or red latex before you open it up. Some prefer to gently wash their pulp just in case it still has latex on it, others just scrape the pulp from the center and start juicing. Either way, you can blend the pulp until it is a smooth consistency and then mix in water or some type of fruit or vegetable juice. Some people like it with just water, but others prefer to mix in more flavors so it tastes better. 

Although we strongly encourage you to explore the various benefits of aloe vera juice for your health, always consult a physician before embarking on a long-term health plan. Aloe vera juice can come with a few side effects for individuals with irritable bowel issues, so be sure to do some research prior to ingesting the juice.