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6 Lesser Known Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel has become the standard protocol for sunburn, but did you know that there are other aloe vera health benefits? Many people assume that aloe is only good for soothing burns, but there are more than a few ways to experience the various health benefits of aloe vera. Following are six additional ways that you can use aloe vera products and aloe vera gel straight from the plant.

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera: 6 Common Pain Alleviating Perks The Health Benefits of Aloe Vera from

Although the kinds health benefits of aloe vera you can receive from various juice, gel or lotion concoctions is plentiful, here are some of the most common ways the juice is being put to use.

1. Aloe vera can take the sting out of insect bites.

Just as aloe vera gel has been proven to soothe skin burns, but one of the primary health benefits of aloe vera lies in its ability to take the sting out of insect bites. The immediate benefit is the easing of pain, itching and irritation on the skin, but there are also some insect bite pain alleviation associated with the health benefits of aloe vera. The gel can actually help the bites heal faster, just as it helps burns on the skin heal much faster.

2. Aloe vera can help clear up acne and get rid of pimples or other blemishes.

Those suffering from severe acne or just the monthly pimple or two may take advantage of the anti-septic properties of aloe vera. The health benefits of aloe vera in this area come from its ability to cleanse the pores of the skin and prevent the growth of bacteria. While helping to clear the acne and blemishes, it also soothes the skin so there is less irritation or inflammation around the blemishes.

Rather than just rubbing on aloe vera gel or lotion, most people will combine pure aloe gel with other ingredients to create a homemade facial product that can be used regularly to keep the skin clear of blemishes.

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3. Cold sores can be healed quicker and with less irritation if fresh aloe gel is applied.

Fresh gel from the inside of an aloe vera leaf can be used to soothe and heal cold sores when applied directly, and is one of the more common kinds of aloe vera health benefits. Rather than using gels and lotions for this, it is best to just use fresh gel right from the inside of a leave. The tip of the leaf can be cut off, allowing the gel to easily squeeze out onto the cold sore.

This works with all types of sores and cuts on the skin. The health benefits of aloe vera translate to a direct soothing effect, but will also help it heal quicker if applied on a daily basis.

4. Aloe vera can restore essential amino acids that are depleted over time.

The health benefits of aloe vera juice can extend to the nutritional realm as well; this is why there are so many kinds of aloe vera juices now selling off the shelves. One of the big nutritional benefits is the restoration of essential amino acids that are naturally depleted with time, but it can also provide a variety of other vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body.

5. Aloe vera benefits extend to constipation.

Pure aloe vera gel mixed into a glass of juice can go a long way to keeping the bowels moving without the harsh stimulation of store bought chemical laxatives. Many store bought laxatives cause extreme cramping that can be quite painful. Using natural methods of controlling constipation can bring a more pleasant experience. Aloe vera benefits the digestive tract as a whole, helping with other stomach problems as well.

6. Aloe vera may help control the development of diabetes.

Diabetes is a very serious disease affecting many people today, but some research is showing that aloe vera could slow the development of the disorder. It does this by lowering blood glucose levels so they are healthier. This isn’t going to completely stop someone living an unhealthy lifestyle from becoming diabetic, but it could slow down the process.

Although there are quite a bit of health benefits of aloe vera to sort from, always consider enlisting the counsel of your doctor before initiating any aloe vera treatment.