Ways to Manage Stress and Diet (Before Getting Sick)

There’s no doubt stress and diet (especially a poor one) can take a toll on the psyche, but researchers are almost constantly finding new ways in which stress can ravage the body and make you sick. The inability to chill out and choose the proper foods you ingest can actually make your body less resistant to sickness.Manage Your Stress and Diet

The Connection Between Stress and Diet: Stress Sickness Symptoms 

The latest study was highlighted in the New York Times’ Well blog.

It is well known that psychological stress raises the risk of heart disease, cold and flu, and even allergies.

Carnegie Mellon scientists tested this idea. In one experiment, 276 healthy adults were exposed to cold viruses, then quarantined and monitored for five days. The subjects who had recently been through stressful experiences were most likely to show resistance to cortisol (a hormone that helps boost your immune system). They were also more susceptible to colds.

In a second phase, the researchers found that the participants who were more resistant to cortisol also produced more cytokines, components of the immune system that promote inflammation and heighten the severity of symptoms.

“Because inflammation plays an important role in the onset and progression of a wide range of diseases,” the study said, this process “may have broad implications for understanding the role of stress.” WELL

At AloeVera.com, we think the first step to reducing stress is a switch-up in your diet. Start brown-bagging that lunch, and choose some healthier options, such as those recommended by the experts.

What Stress and Diet Have to Do With Your Health 

When it comes to ensuring stress and diet levels and maintained properly,  make sure your lunch is balanced, experts recommend. Lunches that include some lean or low-fat protein along with carbohydrates will keep your body fueled for the afternoon, says Connie Diekman, RD, president of the American Dietetic Association.

“The combination of protein and fiber from whole grains, beans, nuts, vegetables and/or fruit will give you the most satisfying and nutritious combination of foods that will keep you feeling full until dinner,” she says

If you love sandwiches, use a variety of whole-grain breads, pitas, and wraps. Choose lean fillings like sliced eggs, tuna fish, cheese or lean meats. Then jazz up your sandwiches with assorted greens, fresh basil, sprouts, sliced cucumbers, onions, and/or tomatoes. Web MD.

For a complete stress and diet detox, you could consider a raw food diet, like Yuri Elkaim’s Eating for Energy.

A raw food diet allows you to consume lots of whole foods, especially raw fruits and vegetables.  These foods are filled with antioxidants that build up your immune system and overall well-being.

Although stress and diet play key roles in determining the state of your mental and physical help, always be sure to consult a physician if you’re unsure of a proper treatment plan. 

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