Super Nutrition Academy Review by Yuri Elkaim

Yuri Elkaim has unveiled a multimedia health course aimed at long-term solutions. His latest endeavor is particularly appealing to the serial dieters out there who seem to bounce from plan to plan without experiencing significant results. This Super Nutrition Academy review takes a closer look into Elkaim’s comprehensive course to determine who would benefit from this leading diet guru’s instruction.  You can read our review of Elkaim’s Eating for Energy book here.

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Yuri Elkaim Super Nutrition AcademyPros
    •    Comprehensive online academy
    •    Fast results and long-term solutions
    •    Backed by unbiased, thorough research
    •    Fun, interactive multimedia approach
    •    Super discounted pricing for entire course
    •    Action assignments help retain crucial information

Elkaim is no stranger to the dieting realm. His programs have helped more than 50,000 people get on track toward a healthier lifestyle. He has the experience and credentials to back his product and the research that goes into every lesson. Elkaim is a Certified Nutritionist, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education from the University of Toronto.

Unlike the creators of all too many slim-quick diet programs, Elkaim has the credentials to back his claims up, so we wanted to take a closer look at this program and how it was developed.

Elkaim spent an entire year researching work he’d done with hundreds of clients and investigated every area of nutritional research to further his knowledge and develop a deeper, long-term program. He also recruited some of the top minds in the nutritional field, including a U.N.-accredited doctor who played a major role in overhauling Saudi Arabia’s health care system.

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What is The Super Nutrition Academy?

The Super Nutrition Academy is a year-long program that includes 12 monthly modules. Each module provides users with the knowledge and tools to master one area of nutrition each month.

The course starts with the Fundamentals of Energy Nutrition and Carbohydrates – and goes a lot deeper throughout the 12 months. In researching the program for this Super Nutrition Academy review, we were struck by the true depth of this program – and even surprised by how many career-making secrets Elkaim was willing to part with in this program. Anyone hoping to become a nutritionist themselves would benefit from this program.

Modules include comprehensive lessons on fats, protein, vitamins and minerals and intestinal health. Once those initial lessons are covered, Elkaim delves into immunology, metabolism, detoxification, mind-body connection and behavioral change, to name just a few.

Super Nutrition Academy Program

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The Learning Experience

Super Nutrition Academy created a truly innovative learning experience. One aspect that really stand out is Elkaim’s creation of a virtual campus – incorporating all the aspects of campus life and an educational community. Members are invited to post questions in the community area, which are actually answered by Elkaim – an unheard of bonus.

The multimedia approach to the program was equally impressive. Elkaim really nailed it in terms of respecting everyone’s individual learning styles. The course includes video, mp3 audio, pdf transcripts and workbooks and cheat sheets for accelerated learning and quick course review.

Each of those components come together seamlessly to create an engaging and informative program that spans the realms of modern media. This type of integration creates the perfect atmosphere to absorb knowledge.

What Others are Saying

Super Nutrition Academy by Yuri Elkaim SuccessBonus Materials

The Super Nutrition Academy pulled out all the stops with its bonus materials. Most diets fail because people do not overcome bad habits and develop new ones. Elkaim is including his Monthly Health Habit Mastery guide.

At the end of 12 months, student will receive a handbook that combines all 12 components of the monthly guide in one comprehensive handbook. We thought this bonus was important to mention in the Super Nutrition Academy review because it takes the avarage person one month to ingrain a new habit. By the time one healthy habit is formed, students will receive the next dietary/lifestyle habit.

The Super Nutrition Academy is also includes Monthly Habit Conditioning audio in 12 parts. Elkaim recommends listening to to the audio every day on the ride to work to really absorb new habits.

Overall Value

This could be the most valuable course we have reviewed to-date. This program ranked high on our cost breakdown analysis, particularly when we considered how many people are paying a lot more for less comprehensive or individual courses. Most nutritionists charge top-dollar for a single consultation. For instance, we looked at what the price of competing programs that only last nine weeks and the cost routinely exceeded $8,000.

Elkaim incorporates 12 months of audio, video, text, tests, diet planning and is personally available to answer questions through his online campus community for $1.66 a day.

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Our Recommendation

In a nutshell, buy it. This program combines fast fat-burning results with long-term stability an health. Students will leave this program healthier, more knowledgeable and with all those hard-to-break bad diet habits replaced with productive ones.

Our Super Nutrition Academy review found a lot of aspects to get excited about. For serial dieters, this program is a must. We also recommend it for anyone looking to shed extra pounds and get on track toward a healthier lifestyle.

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