Old School New Body Review

Old School New Body ReviewIt’s time to stop blaming your age for being out of shape, according to the Old School New Body workout plan. 

That’s the message Steve and Becky Holman are putting across to thousands of 40-plus people trying to get back into the bodies they had when they were young. In this Old School New Body Review, we’re going to take a look at this couples’ F4X Youth-Enhancing Bodyshaping System for Men and Women to let readers know a little more about how this program works.

It’s a well-known fact that once we reach the age of 35, our muscles start breaking down and turning into fat. It doesn’t matter how many calories you do, or don’t consume – the muscles go into decline and fat takes over.

But it is possible to keep the muscle loss at bay while getting into the same shape you were in back in your early 20s. Steve Holman started looking into the impact aging has on muscles during his days as editor-in-chief of Iron Man Magazine, where he dug up the secret routines of anti-aging experts.

He and Becky spent years compiling all the information Steve gathered – interviews, research and investigative reporting that helped uncover the secret to staying fit and creating a body that doesn’t show any signs of aging.

The program they put together, “Old School New Body”, shook the hell out of the fitness world. As part of this Old School New Body Review, we’re going to let you in on a few of the Holmans’ secrets. 

Major Benefits of the Old School New Body Workout Routine:

f4X review Don’t Bother With Low-Fat Diets


f4X reviewDon’t Waster Your Time “Spinning”


f4X review

 Work Out Less


1. You’re probably wondering: what could possibly be wrong with a low-fat diet? Indeed, this is one of the more controversial concepts behind Old School New Body, but it’s one worth taking a look at. Embracing fat is actually one of the key elements of the F4X system. Why? The answer is actually pretty simple. Fats help your body regenerate the most important power hormones, such as testosterone, which provides strength and power crucial for any workout. And despite the fact that cholesterol has become an enemy in modern fitness, it’s actually something your body needs to produce all your hormones.

2. Simply put, spinning wastes valuable time that could be better spent on more efficient exercises that require less work. Through the F4X system, you can experience faster results with less time spent exercising. It’s about maximizing the efficiency of every exercise. This is another trick Steve picked up at the head honcho at Iron Man Magazine. Exercising like spinning and running don’t contribute to anti-aging and can actually speed up the whole process.

3. Of course, not working out at all means you’ll lose valuable muscle tissue each and every year, a sure-fire path to a fat, flabby body. But it takes the right kind of exercise – old fashioned resistance training. If you are already doing resistance exercises and not seeing significant results, you’re just not doing it right. But don’t worry, you’re just like most people. The Old School New Body workout routine is designed to maximize resistance training and focus on those that make a real difference in a short amount of time.

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 Old School New Body Routine: The Research Backs F4x Training System Effectiveness

The Old School New Body ReviewMajor studies back Steve Holman’s research regarding the Old School New Body plan in a big way. For instance, a Boston Sports Club study found that men and women who exercise for 20-30 minutes were more consistent in their routines and experienced better results than those who spent 45-60 minutes working out. In fact, they actually saw faster results with the shorter workouts.

The evidence shows people are much more likely to stick to a shorter workout than a longer one. People don’t need to engage in long workouts and doing so might just be slowing down progress.

The truth is long workouts will actually age you faster simply based on the excessive and unnecessary amount of wear and tear you put yourself through. To compound the issue, longer workouts increase the body’s formation of free radicals. With a shorter routine, your body can naturally fight off the lower level of free radicals created. However, as that workout period drags on, free radicals are produced faster than your body can fight them off.

 Anyone looking to reverse the impact of aging on the body should look into this product. It’s one of the only systems out there backed by research and proven results. We think it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about losing weight and getting into great shape at any age.

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For the first few who order the Old School New Body workout routine, the Holman’s are giving away a series of special bonuses, including interviews with some of the most well-known fitness celebrities out there, including Kristi Frank and Tom Venuto. Becky and Steve are also throwing in four special reports to supplement the Old School New Body Program.

Learn more about the Old School New Body fitness plan and free exclusive bonuses being offered by visiting the official website here.

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