Metabolic Cooking Review by Dave Ruel (Important)

With 250 “fat-torching” recipes and boasting simplistic yet scrumptious meals, we thought we’d enjoy carrying out a detailed Metabolic Cooking review.  This immediate download guide by the self-professed “Lean Kitchen Queen” (AKA Karine Losier) and nutrition expert and former competitive body builder, Dave Ruel, is billing itself as the best cookbook and complete nutrition guide for bodybuilding and fitness.  But as we all know, there’s a bundle of other products out there that make similar claims.  So read on to find out if Metabolic Cooking really does stand out from the crowd.

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Metabolic Cooking Review •    This is not just a list of healthy recipes.  The first thing that hit us when researching for this Metabolic Cooking review is that each meal is accompanied not only with simple preparation details, but the reasons why you should eat certain foods and how they react within your body.  This means you understand why eating in a particular way will stimulate your body to lose fat at the fastest rate possible.

•    The recipes in Metabolic Cooking are not only tasty and simple to make, but cover a huge variety – meaning that eating healthily need never be boring and dull again.

•    Well written and packed with much-needed nutritional information for body builders, professional athletes and those of us who just want to eat well and look as good as possible.

•    Both meat eaters and vegetarians are well-catered for.


•    The cuts of meats recommended in Metabolic Cooking are the leanest and the best.  And naturally, these don’t come cheap.

•    Plenty of herbs and spices are used in the recipes.  So if you don’t have them already, there will be a bit of an initial outlay for these.

•    The recipes are simple to follow, but some do take a little bit of time and preparation.  But you’d probably leave these ones for special occasions, and work the quicker ones for your day to day food menus.

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What’s Metabolic Cooking All About?

Our detailed Metabolic Cooking review discovered that this is a cookbook that does indeed differ from many other, seemingly similar, products on the market.  Each recipe is based on a scientifically proven method known as the Metabolic Thermo Charge.

This is all about certain foods using up more calories than others in the digestion and absorption process (in other words, your metabolism – hence the name, Metabolic Cooking).

In addition to this, the book shows you how to use a unique and natty little system to discover your own individual metabolic rate.  And don’t worry, you don’t need a PhD. in nutrition to be able to understand it.  By knowing this valuable piece of information you can further tailor your eating habits to help your fat burning efforts work at the max.  And if that’s not enough, the book also shows you a way in which you can “shock” your metabolism into not becoming complacent about the food it needs to process.  The theory, known as the Metabolic Adaption Phenomenon, shows you that variety really is the spice of life when it comes to eating for fat burning.

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Benefits and Features

As well as the 250 “metabolicious” recipes, Metabolic Cooking gives you a whole host of other products.  These include a “Fat Loss Optimizer Guide,” explaining everything behind the nutrition included in all the recipes.  Here you’ll learn the fabled “10 Rules of Metabolic Cooking,” (your bible), along with a bunch of helpful tips, tricks, time and money saving techniques.  It’s this guide that gives you all the much needed (but little-known) nutritional information that will see your diet changing to one that will literally force your body into burning up fat for energy (instead of storing it, or worse, using up your hard-won muscle tone).

Here’s a quick peek inside:

metabolic cooking sneak peakYou’ll also get other products such as the Metabolic Salad Builder and Metabolicious Dressings.  This little gem shows you exactly how to build yummy salads including foods with fat-burning power, and how to dress them up to extend this power to the max.  Along with this you get the Thermo-Charged Seasoning Guide.  This clever little guide is perfect for those days when you’re in a hurry and just want to spice up a chicken breast or other protein source in 10 seconds flat!

And as most body builders know (or should learn rather quickly), pretty much all of the so called “healthy” supplements on the market are just ways to get you to part with your cash, but don’t do much at all.  The included Supplements Optimizer Guide does exactly what it says on the label – telling you the right supplements to use to both boost your fat burning efforts and aiding your body towards optimum health.  You also get the Metabolic Cooking Quick Sheets – designed to make your life even more simple.  These include a quick recipe finder, conversion chart (in case you go on vacation or live overseas and use different weights and measures), along with a whole lot more.

Concerns and Issues

Okay, so while this is a great guide, you do need to provide the effort and willpower to stick to a sensible diet.  Deep down we all know that it’s our own determination that makes us stick to eating healthily, and it’s only by doing this that we can reach our health and fat burning goals.  This is not a miracle cure – but it does offer you the information needed to reach your targets.  It’s up to you to have the drive to reach them.


Well, our Metabolic Cooking review has led us to believe that this is actually a great product.  For those who are serious about eating for good health and fat loss, then this is a well-researched, fun to read cook guide that offers great value for money.  By taking on board the nutritional information included, not only should you drop those frustrating, ugly inches that cling lovingly to your midriff, thighs and arms, but it will also have an effect on that dangerous internal fat as well.  A great guide, and one that would benefit everyone, not just bodybuilders and fitness professionals.

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