Kim Kardashian Diet Pills: No Substitute For Healthy, Natural Weight Loss

The Kim Kardashian Diet Fiasco

More celebrities are being blasted for pushing supposedly quick-solution diet pills. It’s just another example of greedy pill-makers using star power to prey on those looking to lose weigh. The result with such pills is often ineffectiveness at best – and blatantly unhealthy weight loss at worst. Here’s a little info on a lawsuit that targets the Kardashian sisters for promoting “QuickTrim” weight loss pills as part of the Kim Kardashian diet.

Their bodies are considered to feature exactly what many women desire when looking in the mirror.

But Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian ‘lied’ about getting their amazing figures from over-the-counter diet pills, according to a $5million lawsuit against the sisters by four angry customers.

The “Keeping up with the Kardashians” stars from Los Angeles, California, were hit by the class-action complaint on Thursday by the customers in New York over their endorsement of QuickTrim. – Source

Kim Kardashian diet

Kim Kardashian is in hot water for promoting supposedly ineffective diet pills. Flickr photo

According to the complaint, the main ingredient in the Kim Kardashian diet pills is caffeine, which is not considered a safe, or healthy method of losing weight. 
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Guess what? There are no easy solutions or quick fixes that don’t require a little bit of effort. Next time someone tries to dupe you with an easy-fix, pill-popping weight loss solution, think twice and look into some natural alternatives.
The next time you think about the Kim Kardashian diet, think about this: If Neil Burns can drop 370 pounds by dancing and eating right – you can meet your goals, and fee better in the long run.

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