Is a Raw Food Diet Responsible for Some Celebrities’ Lasting Beauty?

How does Demi Moore still look so good? A cynic would say plastic surgery, but they’d be wrong. She’s actually one of many celebrities who have embraced a raw food diet.

Famous raw foodists have Americans lighting up google and heading for the dehydrator. The popularity of the raw food movement isn’t exactly sweeping the nation by storm like Justin Bieber did, but thanks to several famous raw faces, it is definitely stirring up a buzz. With weight loss and enhanced beauty so high on the raw food diet’s list of benefits, this culinary minority is turning a lot of well groomed heads in Hollywood and beyond. Gone is the time when wealth and prominence meant indulging in anything and everything you could ever desire. Whether vanity or vitality is the driving force, the green life has chic wrapped around it’s pretty little pinky.celebs embrace the raw food diet

Though there are few 100% raw foodists out there, the diet seems to be hydrating many Hollywood dressing rooms at least part of the time. Celebrities Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson frequently grace the raw food scene, endorsing a raw food diet with their famous age-defying bodies alone. Carol Alt is one of the most famous raw foodists, having published her own raw food recipe book. Even Donna Karan graces the runways with her new raw-polished style. Other famous raw food loversinclude celebs such as Sting, Alicia Silverstone, Cher and Jason Mraz. Rumored to be keeping up with the raw food Jones’s as well are the likes of Susan Sarandon, Edward Norton, Angela Bassett, and even Steve Jobs. Talk about a man who can afford the best in life!

Some of the classiest restaurants are now serving raw food options thanks to famous chefs like Charlie Trotter. Raw food diet recipes are all over the internet these days and more raw recipe books are being published with every passing season making it easier for those of us without traveling personal chefs. If all these celebrities jumped off a bridge, I wouldn’t recommend following them, but since the best interests of your body, mind and planet are at the heart of this particular trend, why not dive in and see for yourself! – Source

If it works for the celebs, a raw food diet should work for you. So what do you need to know to get started?

A raw food diet is based primarily on uncooked, unprocessed food in as close to its natural state as possible. While there are many variations of this — raw veganism, raw vegetarianism, and even fruitarianism — the unifying belief is that heating food above 118 degrees Fahrenheit causes fundamental chemical changes that not only degrade vital enzyme activity and decrease the nutritional density of food, but also create harmful carcinogens and toxins. Though some foods, such as tomatoes, have been shown to release essential nutrients only when cooked, most foods are actually robbed of their nutritional value in the cooking process.

Rawism does not mean you need to eat a 100 percent raw food diet. In fact, most people say you only need a 75 to 90 percent raw food diet to really experience the health benefits, mental clarity, and natural detoxification of the raw lifestyle. Like most lifestyle decisions, it’s a personal choice resulting from a variety of different motivations. For the purposes of this challenge, I will attempt to eat as raw as I can — but balance is key, especially in the transitional stage to rawism. – Source

 You’ll be surprised at what kind of recipes you can make on a raw food diet. Check this video out to see how creative people can get.

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