earth4energy Review: Your Guide to DIY Solar

Honest and Real Earth4Energy Review

diy solar earth4energy review

This earth4energy review takes a look at the latest movement in DIY solar

It isn’t always the corporate brains or high-budget research labs that make the big discoveries in alternative energy.

Mike Harvey was simply an electrician from California when he discovered a technique that would allow average people to harness the power of solar energy.

In this earth4energy review, we are going to take an in-depth look at the effectiveness of Mike’s DIY solar program as well as the overall value. Energy independence is something that goes hand-in-hand with natural living and responsible, sustainable practices, so I figured this review would really hit the mark you guys, our dear readers.

But to really learn about his product, it helps to know a bit about the man himself in our earth4energy review – Mike Harvey.

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Like many of us, he was toiling away at his day job when the recession hit. Soon, Mike found himself without a job and no leads. He spent two months unemployed before landing a new gig as a solar panel installer.

One day, Mike decided to sneak a peak at an invoice, just to see how much people were paying to have a few solar panels installed. Well, the cost started around $19,000.

That’s more than a bit above budget for those of us who need to save money on energy costs the most: or 90 percent of Americans, to put it another way. Mike used his experience as an electrician to dismantle solar panels to find easy, and cheaper ways to replicate the technology. Then, he built a few panels for himself and ended up saving around 40 percent on his electric bill.

Soon, he’d built enough panels to wipe out his energy ill completely.

Naturally, people started asking questions and before Mike knew, he was being bombarded with inquires and requests for instructions as word spread.

That’s when Mike decided to launch earth4energy, a comprehensive guide that would teach even people with no technical experience how to build and install solar panels. Today, his popular guide is online and available for instant download.

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Earth4Energy Review: The Pros

  • Guide to gaining quality solar cells at low prices
  • Fasy-to-follow instructions on how to build solar panels
  • Guide to storing energy for future use
  • Free bonus video series offers step-by-step instructions
  • Free bonus guide to building a wind turbine for $92

Earth4Energy Review: The Cons

  • The bonus products expire, so you have to act fast
latest earth4energy review

earth4energy is helping normal people reach energy independence

Earth4Energy Review: The Details

As our earth4energy review details, the program features an e-book of more than 70 pages that walks participants through the process of building solar panels using inexpensive and readily available materials.

What we like about the e-book is that you can open up the pages on your smart phone or tablet to reference while you’re shopping for parts or building your panel. The bonus video will also be a great asset anyone building their own solar panels.

It’s not only the instruction, but the production quality that really makes this series stand out. Mike Harvey put together seven videos totaling more than two hours of production-quality instructional material. Viewers can actually watch as Mike builds a solar panel from scratch using his method. This is a great tutorial to load up on the tablet if your get a brain fart in the workshop.

In researching this earth4energy review, we also discover that Mike created a solar sizing calculator, which he is giving away for free. This is a cool gadget that allows you to calculate how much you’ll save on your energy bill each time you add another panel. It’s a great motivator to keep the project going long-term.

But Mike didn’t stop at solar energy. 

In fact, this next bonus is our personal favorite.

Mike Harvey is throwing in a guide that will teach users how to build an energy-producing wind turbine for under $100 using materials you can usually find in stock at your local hardware store.

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A Final Word in Our Earth4Energy Review: Our Recommendation

Based on our research and the sheer volume of useful information products available, we most definitely recommend purchasing this product.

Getting started on the path toward energy independence at home for less than $50 is rare, even non-existent in most cases. We think this product would benefit our readers, who are by and large, very conscious of financial sustainability and healthy living on a budget.

As our earth4energy review has already suggested, we recommend ordering earth4energy today, before the bonuses expire.  This is real DIY solar on the cheap.

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