The Diet Solution Review Investigates Isabel De Los Rios’ Newest Diet

The Diet Solution is making a big impact with people looking to shed weight naturally and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We decided to take a closer look at those diet program with a diet solution review because it brakes away from the norms and shows people exactly why cookie-cutter diets and calorie counting just don’t work.

You may recognize the person behind The Diet Solution program, Isabel De Los Rios; she’s a nutritionist and exercise guru who has spent more than a decade getting clients back on track toward a healthy lifestyle.

Right from the start, participants are going to learn a few key things. Here is just a small example of Isabel’s findings – which take everything you think you know about dieting and turns it upside down.

  • Calorie Counting will NEVER work
  • Carbs are NOT the enemy
  • The long list of “heath foods” that are MAKING YOU FAT 
  • Losing weight requires eating lots of food

Being controversial is fine with us, as long as there’s a basis, or some real evidence to support claims that pretty much trash the conventional dieting wisdom. Isabel took a chance when she released her popular e-course, going up against what we like to call “Big Diet,” you know, those massive companies (Weight Watchers) that put more money into their advertising budget than researching and developing diets that work.

Diet Solution Review Isabel de los Rios

The Diet Solution Review highlights popular diet by Isabel de los Rios

Isabel decided to break from that mass-diet culture and share the strategies that have worked for years for her clients. Basically, she took all the secrets she shared with her clients and decided to share them with the world, a a fraction of the cost of even one consultation with a dietician.

But the secrets you’ll learn about in this Diet Solution review didn’t only work for Isabel’s clients.  She was 30 pounds overweight herself at one point – and all those mainstream diets were doing nothing. So instead of getting discouraged or giving up, she did some studying and discovered a new way to drop the weight and keep it off. 

Isabel studied hard, earned her C.H.E.K. Certified Nutritionist designation, became an exercise specialist and perfected her dieting and exercise techniques. Soon, she had a growing list of clients turning to her to turn their lives around. She set the same ground rules with them that we are going to share with you today. 

  • Sugar is the enemy (and it’s hiding in most of your so-called health foods)
  • You can use certain fat-burning foods together to compound the effect
  • You can lose 3 to 10 lbs in the first week with no pills or supplements
  • Rid your cupboard of boring diet foods 

Diet Solution Review: Overall Impression

During our analysis of this program, we discovered a few things that really make Isabel’s diet stand out. She isn’t afraid to tackle the bigger, complex issues and offer an easy solution. For instance, her program will help dieters control their blood sugar levels through food, which means your body will store less fat.

The valuable information provided in her course is a great option for those who are new to dieting, or anyone who has tried multiple diets, only to see lackluster results thanks to conflicting information and bad food advice.

We chose to write the Diet Solution review because Isabel has the personal experience and the credentials to back up her claims. Her combination of fat-burning foods combined with an exercise routine that won’t take over your life has helped more than 30,000 people.

Diet Solution Review: Pros

  • Proven, easy to understand program
  • Diet will not take over your life
  • Promotes fast, healthy weight loss

Diet Solution Review: Cons

  • We looked, but couldn’t find any this time around. This is a solid program that will help people lose weight naturally.

Diet Solution Review: Our Recommendation

Based on the track record of success, Isabel’s certifications and the record of great results, and this Diet Solution review recommends this product to anyone looking for a healthy, easy to follow (and swallow) diet solution.

We always recommend going with someone who’s experienced and certified when it comes to your body. Dieting and weight loss is a big decision toward a major life change and we think you’d do right to take that journey with The Diet Solution.

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