Basketball Star Kevin Durant Preaches Benefits of Healthier Diet

Even professional athletes struggle with getting on the right diet path. Even Kevin Durant, one of the best players in the NBA, admitted he struggled with maintaining a healthy diet, but now, he’s avoiding red meat and eating more vegetables.

Some NBA observers believe Kevin Durant needs to bulk up if he wants to become an even more dominant player. Durant, however, believes it’s more important that he maintain a healthier diet than worry about adding muscle, The Oklahoman reports.

The Thunder front office and coaching staff wants Durant eventually to get bigger, but they believe that will happen naturally as he gets older, and they’ve already have seen him getting stronger, according to the report.

While Kevin Durant says he has the tendency not to eat as well as he should, he’s becoming more health conscious.

“This past year, I was really big on eating a lot of foods with vegetables. That’s all I really ate this past year was foods with vegetables,” Kevin Durant told The Oklahoman. “I’m trying to stay away from the red meats and the fast food as much as I can, even though it’s tempting.”

nba star kevin durant

Even NBA star Kevin Durant struggles with maintaining a healthy diet. Flickr photo

Kevin Durant has employed a chef during the past three seasons and recently hired a new cook to make sure he’s not eating foods high in fat, according to the report.

“In the summertime is where I really kind of take a step back,” Kevin Durant said. “So I got to be mentally stronger and have more discipline and try to eat right.”

“He’s always going to be thin,” said Thunder forward Nick Collison. “I don’t think you want him to bulk up. You always get concerned when you hear about a guy coming back to camp with 15 pounds of muscle because it totally changes his body and he might not be able to play the same way. So I don’t think that’s something he needs to do.” – Source

While the rest of us may not be able to hire a personal chef, there are steps we can take every day to get on a healthier diet routine.
Here are a few foods to help keep you healthy and cool during the hot summer months.
1. Iced Green Tea

Post-gym, skip the latte and reach for an iced green tea, suggests Leslie Bonci, R.D., director of the nutrition program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that people who exercised and drank plenty of the green stuff lost slightly more weight and shed more belly fat than non-tea drinkers. Why? Chemicals called catechins found in tea boost metabolism and increase fat burn. Toss frozen berries or slices of nectarine into your glass—they act as a natural sweetener.

2. Gazpacho

A cold soup like gazpacho before a meal is not only refreshing, it can also help you lose weight, says Bonci. People who enjoyed a small soup before an entree consumed significantly fewer calories at meals than people who didn’t eat appetizers, says research from Pennsylvania State University.

3. Shrimp Cocktail

At a soiree, make a beeline for shrimp cocktail, suggests Christine Gerbstadt, R.D., M.D., a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. Four large shrimp are a scant 22 calories and contain five grams of filling protein. A dab of cocktail sauce adds only 30 calories and a hit of vitamin C. Go ahead, have seconds! – Source

Of course, it’s also important to get on the right exercise routine, one that will help keep you in shape, but not overheated, during the hot summer months.

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