Aromatherapy and Other Natural Energy Boosters

Energy can be in short supply as the work day drags on. Relying on caffeine or other energy drinks can work in the short term, but will often leave you feeling worse than before. While it may be easy to turn to coffee for a caffeine jolt, some of the best remedies for a lackluster energy reserve come via natural energy boosters found in your environment. 

Natural energy boosters will keep you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world for most of the day. Here are a few ways to make the daily grind feel a lot less exhausting.

Natural Energy Boosters: Seek Restful Sleep

Just because you sleep seven to eight hours a night doesn’t mean you’re getting a good night’s sleep, according to Dr. Steven Y. Park, author of “Sleep Interrupted: A Physician Reveals the #1 Reason So Many of Us Are Sick And Tired.”
“Some people can sleep 10 hours and still feel lousy in the morning,” said Park, who is an assistant professor of otolaryngology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. Not surprisingly, getting a sound 10 hours of sleep is one of most effective and beneficial natural energy boosters. 
Park told MNN that to get a restful night of sleep he recommends making sure you don’t retire with a stuffy nose, finding your ideal sleep position and not eating, drinking alcohol or using the computer close to bedtime.

Natural Energy Boosters: Move to the Music

The healing art of music is well-documented. You listen to relax, but also to become motivated. Janet Pfeiffer, a national anger management expert and author of “The Secret Side of Anger,” said in an email to MNN that, “music has the innate ability to change how we feel.” 
It certainly helps Pfeiffer take her mind off work she considers boring, such as housecleaning or painting. “Music distracts me,” she said in an email to MNN. “I cannot listen to music without singing and dancing.”

Natural Energy Boosters: Get Physical

Speaking of exercise, some nontraditional moves might be just what the doctor ordered to rejuvenate and recharge. Elizabeth Trattner, a Miami Beach acupuncturist who specializes in Chinese medicine, told MNN via email that beating your legs together like windshield wipers can reset part of the nervous system. “Lie on the floor and rotate legs back and forth like wiper of a car, out then in,” she wrote.
Toe lifts also have been shown to help energize. Pfeiffer recommended leaving your desk for a quick break if you feel groggy. For those who work from home, like she does, consider doing housework, running the stairs, raking leaves, even playing with the dog.
Erin Palinski, a New Jersey dietician and nutrition consultant, told MNN via email that a brisk walk is beneficial because it improves circulation and mental function.

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Natural Energy Boosters: Turn on the lights

The body responds to light, triggering the brain to release specific brain chemicals that enhance energy, Trattner wrote in an email to MNN.
Getting fresh air and sunshine is one of the definite natural energy boosters, she wrote. “While you’re outside, take a few deep breaths.” See how revitalized you’ll feel. Not to mention that it provides natural vitamin D.

Natural Energy Boosters: Aromatherapy 

Certain scents and bath products with citrus, lavender, ginger and peppermint will leave you more alert. Add to that list: jasmine, cyprus, eucalyptus, spearmint and geranium, Palinski wrote in an email. Popping a mint has similar natural energy boosters. 

Natural Energy Boosters: Vent 

Len Saunders, a children’s health, fitness and wellness specialist in New Jersey, told MNN via email that relieving stress by screaming, venting and bringing closure to uncomfortable situations can help increase energy.
On the other hand, bottling up your fear, anxiety and stress can sap your energy, WebMD reported. Ease your anguish by discussing it with a friend or family member. Social interaction, in general, can be a mood booster. And if the connection ends in laughter, so much the better. – Source

Natural Energy Boosters: More Fruits and Veggies 

Eating healthier foods will naturally increase your energy. The latest craze in energy producing foods is the raw diet. eating fresh, uncooked fruits and vegetables will ensure you are getting every bit of nutrition from the foods you eat.

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